Mailchimp Relaunch
In 2018, Mailchimp came to R/GA with a problem. They started in 2001 as an email marketing platform, but had since expanded to become a complete marketing platform, offering websites, digital ads, audience management and so much more. They needed to shake up a customer base that was sleeping on all the great stuff Mailchimp now had to offer and get them to take another look.

The first thing we did was completely redesign the website. We restructured it from the ground up, created a modular design system and brought it to life using a new brand developed by Collins. Then we created a full scale brand campaign to get the word out.

I was responsible for co-leading the design of the website, art directing 114 illustrations, designing 34 billboards, creating a bevy of digital ads, and leading the design of R/GA’s internal and external communications around the work.
Design Director
R/GA New York
The work: Systematic design, Art direction
Team: Bethany Kennedy, Lucia Orlandi, Chelsea McLemore, Megan Trinidad, Rachel Wright, Kit Coyne, Brigit Hickey, Youngbum Kim, Simon Gibson, Dan White, Chris Parker, James Schumacher, Aidan Guitarri
Awards: ACD Silver Cube for Art Direction, Clio Silver for Product Design
Digital System

Mailchimp is a leader in one of the fastest growing, and evolving, digital industries. We created a design system that was simple and flexible enough to accommodate nearly constant modification, yet was unique enough to stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace. To ensure the final product matched our design, I developed a responsive digital module guide and accompanying 13 page prototype using fully workable code.

The experience was brought to life by a suite of handcrafted illustrations that were fun, quirky, and quite unexpected. Working with Lucia Orlandi and the Mailchimp brand team, I oversaw 6 illustrators (in 4 countries), and the concepting and art direction of 114 illustrations to ensure we created a cohesive system. The briefs were kept intentionally vague to let the artists run wild. The results? Absurd perfection.
More Than Mail

But we didn’t stop there. To let the world know that Mailchimp is now More Than Mail, we created a fully integrated brand campaign. I designed out-of-home placements, print ads, and a bevy of digital banner and custom ad units. One of the billboards likely could be seen from space. I have mixed feelings about that.