Mailchimp. That's What.
Mailchimp came to R/GA for help introducing their all new All-in-One Marketing Platform to the world. The challenge was to communicate in-depth product benefits to non-marketers in a way that was engaging, clear, and overflowing with Mailchimp’s signature quirk.

We told the story of the platform in a way that only Mailchimp could– through the lens of their own incredible customers. Visually, the campaign was full of life. Bright, fun, bold and colorful. The customer’s product became the hero and Mailchimp the key to their success. Most importantly, we made the product approachable and simple. “Hey, maybe I can do marketing.”

I was the lead designer, established the look & feel, art directed, and oversaw a rockstar team of 6+ designers and animators on the project. We created train wraps, subway station takeovers, highway billboards, print ads, bus shelters, social and digital ads, and a little bit of everything in between.
Design Director
R/GA New York
Megan Trinidad, Rachel Wright, Brigit Hickey, Youngbum Kim, Sam Jossen, Bethany Kennedy, Nick Lim, Chris Yun
The work
Art direction, Systematic design