Funday turns any beach into a beach resort. One part Seamless, one part concierge, fifty parts fun. Funday delivers everything you need for the beach– sunscreen, smoothies, double bacon cheeseburgers–straight to your towel.

I partnered with Jenna Doctoroff to design the app. Our primary user was a 16-99 year old who would rather be kickin’ it at the beach than fumbling with a delivery app. We created a simple, contrast heavy (hello direct sunglight), intuitive experience that makes the ordering process a breeze. No shirt, no shoes, no problem.
Core team:
Jenna Doctoroff
Alex Marsh
Brad Warsh
We focused on making the experience as easy as possible. Smart recommendations, featured products, streamlined search, and a modular, contextual homepage made it easy for a user to find what they were looking for and get straight back to beaching.
Unlike traditional food ordering apps, we allowed users to easily place orders from multiple establishments– making it easy to get a chocolate shake, sunscreen, and/or a portable shower delivered in one go.
Figuring out where to deliver the order proved to be challenging. How do you find someone on the beach? There are no addresses. GPS is only so accurate and service is often spotty. We landed on a 3 pronged approach combining GPS, collecting photos of our user’s surroundings, and a guided form field.
Throughout the entire process we stayed in touch with up to the minute updates. If our users had a question before, during, or after they ordered, their personal Funday server was always just a DM away.
At the end of the day we were aiming to do one thing– transform every trip to the beach into a vacation.
But wait, that's not all–