& Co.
In the spring of 2020, Mailchimp needed help launching Mailchimp & Co– a Partner Program for freelancers and agencies. Essentially a VIP service for dedicated users. Mailchimp came to R/GA with a name, a logo, and grand ambitions. We helped them bring it to life.

The day-to-day of being a small business owner, while often depicted as glamorous, rarely is. With Mailchimp & Co. we set out to show the entrepreneur experience in all its true glory. The mess. The chaos. The unexpected beauty. Working closely with the Mailchimp team, we created an authentic, eclectic, exclusive (but not that exclusive) experience that all Mailchimp & Co. Partners could feel proud of.

I led visual design for all aspects of the engagement, including, but not limited to, fleshing out the brand system, setting the art direction, running a fully-remote (#covid) photoshoot, creating the digital campaign, and crafting the digital experience.
Design Director
R/GA New York
Core team:
Chelsea McLemore
Rachel Wright
Jenny Wu
Zoonzin Lee
Jenna Passmore
Rosemary Douglas
Sam Jossen
The Marbles
Tropico Photo
Leta & Wade
Brian Guido & Julia Stotz
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