Mailchimp & Co.
The day-to-day of being a small business owner, while often depicted as glamorous, rarely is. With Mailchimp & Co. we set out to show the entrepreneur experience in all its true glory. The mess. The chaos. The unexpected beauty. Working closely with the Mailchimp team, we created a new brand that is authentic, eclectic, exclusive (but not that exclusive) experience that all Mailchimp & Co. Partners can feel proud of.

I led visual design for all aspects of the engagement, including, but not limited to, fleshing out the brand system, setting the art direction, running a fully-remote (#covid) photoshoot, creating the digital campaign, and crafting the digital experience.
Design Director
R/GA New York
Core team:
Chelsea McLemore
Rachel Wright
Jenny Wu
Zoonzin Lee
Jenna Passmore
Rosemary Douglas
Sam Jossen
The Marbles
Tropico Photo
Leta & Wade
Brian Guido & Julia Stotz
But wait, that's not all–