In 2019, LEGO came to R/GA looking to refresh the brand of their customer loyalty program, VIP. They needed it to appeal to parents, feel premium but not exclusive, and stand out in the crowded LEGO universe.

We delivered a bold, playful and visually striking identity that's unmistakably LEGO yet distinctly VIP. The brand is anchored by LEGO blue and brought to life by a unique set of LEGO's iconic minifigures. It's a personalizable system that can easily flex across all of their channels. I was a Design Director on the project, co-leading the effort with Bethany Kennedy. I worked both to shape the overall vision of the brand and execute key deliverables.
Design Director
R/GA New York
Bethany Kennedy
Lucia Orlandi
Rachel Tervenski
Megan Trinidad
Rachel Wright
Brigit Hickey
Akira Thompson
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